Thermal Imaging Surveys

Project: Thermal Imaging Surveys

Market:  Commercial Office Portfolio

Location: London and Birmingham

The Challenge

CLS Holdings wanted to gain a clearer understanding of their building’s performance. After reviews of energy consumption, it was agreed to perform thermal surveys.

A project strategy was agreed with LCA to deliver a high-level review of the buildings, with brief commentary. The report was to be mainly visual in order to generate debate and identify areas of specific concern requiring further analysis. A total of 23 properties were to be included in the review.

The Solution

LCA appointed a trusted ITC certified thermographer to survey the properties based on our specification. This included the use of film stock and drones in order to gather enough data for review and further analysis.

The report included images of each building, the specific temperatures and temperature differences. These results were used to benchmark each property against on a poor, average and good scale. The results were in some cases surprising and revealed areas of concern, such as insulation failures and damp which were previously unknown to the owner.

A total of nine properties will have deeper analysis performed.