working in partnership

At Low Carbon Alliance we, on occasions, work in partnership with others, creating new businesses that we call Low Carbon Enterprise. We currently have two enterprise projects that are summarised below:

Taiyo Power and Storage

Taiyo Power and Storage is a joint venture between Low Carbon Alliance and Kajima Partnerships.  Born out of a desire of the stakeholder partners to affect environmental change through innovation, leadership, and creativity.

Taiyo is committed to building a sustainable world through environmental vision and carbon-reducing insight and through Taiyo’s collective experience and expertise, we have a unity of purpose and the strength to drive this change towards net zero.

Kajima UK

We are working together with Kajima Partnerships to develop a portfolio of ground-mounted solar farms across the UK. This is supporting the UK’s decarbonisation of the National Grid.

Where its appropriate to maximise their performance, our solar farms will employ the latest technology including bi-facial panels, single-axis tracking, and incorporate energy storage to provide balancing services to the grid.

FPC Industry & Enterprise

A joint venture with Foundation Property & Capital, acquiring land for the development and leasing to energy plants, such as reserve power, supporting renewable energy by providing capacity and balancing services to National Grid.

Horus Capital

Working with Landowners to provide capital in exchange for long-term rental income streams paid by renewable energy plants such as Wind, Solar PV and Anaerobic Digestion.