About Us

Where Property Meets Energy

A professional Chartered Surveying and Engineering consultancy based in Central London formed in 2010.

Property is a long-term investment and in these times of accelerated climate change property’s relationship with the environment has to be managed and improved to protect and maintain value and enhance future performance. Whether improving the energy efficiency of an office building, providing charging points for electric vehicles or developing a renewable or low-carbon energy plant, Low Carbon Alliance can provide professional support.


Professionals with over 50 years combined experience in commercial property development, investment and refurbishment. Alongside more recently, development of both building integrated and stand-alone renewable and reserve power low-carbon energy plants, and energy storage facilities.

What We Do

We excel in the world where Property meets Energy. At the outset Low Carbon Alliance was established to reduce carbon emissions from property. Today, in addition to this, we are building out reserve and renewable power plants, delivering infrastructure to support the electric vehicle revolution and developing applications for energy storage.

Over the last 25 years energy has become increasingly de-centralised and energy inefficiency is now penalised. To meet its climate change carbon reduction targets, the UK is on a path to decarbonise its electricity and heating systems and improve efficiency. Whether you are an investor in property or energy, a business owner, a developer of renewable or low-carbon energy, you will require both property and energy advice. Take a look around our website and if you cannot find what you are looking for then just give us a call.