Renewable Energy

A new asset for your property

Building integrated renewable energy & storage systems can provide a zero carbon energy supply reducing emissions and improving the energy performance of the property.

Sub 500kW battery storage units can provide significant savings and revenue to building owners whilst supporting power provision to the building and balancing services to the local grid network.

We have supported clients on dozens of renewable energy projects including solar photovoltaic (PV), biomass heating, wind, heat pumps, thermodynamic hot water and solar thermal. We provide services to assist at all levels and capacities from concept to commissioning. We provide investment grade financial modelling, technical appraisals, performance specifications, tendering and project management. Our approach is unbiased to technology types and hence we only recommend what is right for the customer.

Our approach is to engineer intelligent applications of renewables to extract the optimum benefits; often by combing two or more technologies together. Generating your own energy when natural resources are available and storing this for later use is a fundamental approach to extracting the best from renewable energy.

To read our case studies on Renewable Energy & Storage please click here or  Contact us to discuss the investment case for investing in battery storage across your portfolio.