Renewable Energy

A new asset for your property

Building-integrated renewable energy & storage systems can provide a zero-carbon energy supply, reducing emissions and improving the energy performance of the property.

We provide a number of services to clients to help develop renewable opportunities :

  • Building or Land Audit
  • Feasibility study
  • Outline Design
  • Preparation and Management of Competitive Tender
  • Project Management
  • CDM Compliance Advice and Principal Designer Services
  • Post installation Care and Performance Reporting
  • Funding and Financing Structures

Concept to Completion

We have supported clients on dozens of renewable energy projects including Solar Photovoltaic (PV), Biomass Heating, Wind, Heat Pumps, Thermodynamic Hot Water, and Solar Thermal.

We provide services to assist at all levels and capacities from concept to commissioning including investment-grade financial modelling, technical appraisals, performance specifications, tendering, and project management.

Our approach is unbiased towards specific technology types and we recommend only what is right for our clients.


We assess properties to identify intelligent applications of renewable technologies to extract the optimum benefits; this is often by combing two or more technologies. Generating your own energy when natural resources are available and storing this for later use is a fundamental approach to extracting the best from renewable energy and is a step within our Net Zero Pathway service.

Technology & Tariffs

Renewable energy technologies are often subjected to changes in subsidy supports which can bring them in and out of trend.  However, since the Feed-in-Tariff closed and the impending closure and relaunch of support for renewable heat we can see technologies maturing to become viable options without subsidy.

The UK Government is supporting the electrification of heating and favours the use of heat pumps to achieve this. Our recent projects have demonstrated that heat pumps, alongside Solar PV and storage, prove to reduce dependency on fossil fuels and grid electricity whilst providing a return on the investment.

As equipment costs have lowered and the pedigree of installers improved, we see significant growth in the renewables sector. Recent projects have realised returns similar to those when subsidies were readily available. However, it is important to assess all options and in particular how one technology can complement another.


Our recent Solar PV projects typically demonstrate returns of 10%+ and renewable heating projects are 9% to 16%. This does not take into account the carbon savings and less-tangible benefits this has to a business’s ESG and investor interest.

Low Carbon Alliance employs experienced engineers and property consultants to ensure any renewable project is optimised for performance and integration into a property.

To read our case studies on Renewable Energy & Storage please click here or  Contact us to discuss the investment case for investing in battery storage across your portfolio.