Efficiency & Engineering

Improving building energy performance

We provide professional consultancy services to make buildings more energy-efficient and improve the working environment for the people in them.

Low Carbon Alliance has successfully integrated commercial property consultancy with in-house engineering expertise to assist property owners and occupiers in making challenging and significant decisions on building repairs, maintenance, and energy efficiency measures.

It is common to have separate advice from a management consultant and from an independent engineering consultancy. This can lead to unnecessary expenditures and missed opportunities, but we offer a combined service to achieve the best value.

Our Approach

We have a total understanding of the relationship between a building, its building services components (heating, ventilation, air conditioning, lighting, power & IT equipment) and their corresponding energy consumption, cost, and carbon emission.

Client-focussed discussions between a property owner, the facilities management team and an engineering consultant will realise opportunities that otherwise could be missed. See some of our case studies here.

We use a combination of measurement and monitoring software alongside building simulation software to understand the benefits of individual interventions or groups of improvement. The resultant benefits will be measured and verified in terms of operational cost and carbon reduction and this can form part of a Net Zero Pathway.


The use of building simulation allows the property owner or management agent to input fit-out information to assess the impact of tenant works on the energy performance of the building and the trajectory towards Net Zero. Licence to Alterations can be granted on the basis of knowing the proposed fit-out is in line with Government Regulations and wider ambitions to lower a buildings impact on the environment.

As well as experience in integrating renewable energy technologies into commercial buildings, our engineers have expertise in the efficient use of energy storage. Batteries are much more than simple energy stores when they are integrated with renewable energy generators, electric vehicle charging, and efficient energy procurement.


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