Project Development

Professional support for your project

As we move through the first year of a new decade the UK’s low carbon energy transition from fossil fuels is well underway.  Records are tumbling… …weeks without coal on the grid….record solar and wind energy generation levels…

In 2019, 104.8TWh of Britain’s electricity came from renewables, just shy of the 115.1TWh produced by gas-fired power stations.  This represents a marked growth, with renewables accounting for 34.9% of the overall mix last year, in comparison with just 8.9% in 2011.

Technology prices continue to fall and the rise of energy storage and energy prices are making projects viable through Corporate Power Purchase Agreements.  Wind and Solar projects may also compete for Contracts for Difference (CfD) in the next round.

The intermittency of renewable energy generation has also led to the emergence of the reserve power and frequency services to balance the UK’s electricity network.

Standalone energy plants such as solar and wind farms, energy storage plants, reserve power high-efficiency gas plants, energy from waste facilities, and hydrogen production plants, all need land to be sited on.  They require planning permission and rights for access and to lay cables and pipes. The developer/operator will require an Option Agreement whilst the project develops as well as a lease for construction and operation.

In addition to developing our own projects, we provide development services to a small number of operators and investors.

Services include:

  • Feasibility studies
  • Screening for planning and proximity to appropriate utility connections (electrical, gas, water)
  • Option and Lease negotiations
  • Co-ordination of planning applications and supporting reports (ecology, flood risk, noise, air-quality, archaeology, ground conditions)
  • Discharging of planning conditions
  • Property due diligence, review of title documentation
  • Support on grid and gas connections
  • Support through legal process to project fruition

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