Electric Vehicles

We can electrify your car parks

The electric vehicle revolution has begun. In 2010 there were 138 electric vehicles on UK roads, today it is over 160,000.

According to the The Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) hybrid, plug-in hybrid and pure electric cars made up 8% of the overall UK market in the year to end Sept 2018. Low Carbon Alliance provides professional support to Landlords and Tenants considering the installation of charging point infrastructure for these vehicles.

Before progressing with your charging point project here are 10 things you have to consider:

  • What buildings should I target first?
  • Have I got enough power? – Liaison with your electricity supplier and your District Network Operator
  • Slow, fast or rapid?
  • Should we charge the user? How much?
  • How do I manage the charging points and collect revenue?
  • Minimising disruption during civil works
  • Maximising the efficiency of supply; Micro grids and smart buildings
  • Future expansion of the electrification of car spaces
  • Ways of increasing your supply without costly upgrades; in-house technology
  • Anticipation of future mobility transformation; high voltage fleet charging for distribution companies

We provide a technical appraisal for your buildings car parking which looks at the capacity for EV charging points and the optimum solution in terms of numbers and charging times.

Although EV charge points are similar across manufacturers of the equipment, the management software can vary greatly, and we aim to match your needs with the most appropriate platform. Charging can be structured in many ways such as free/discounted to employees, full pricing to visitors/public or any number of scenarios.

It is therefore essential to understand how best EV charging benefits your business from both a CSR and revenue perspective.

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