Roof-Top Solar Photovoltaics

Project: Roof-top Solar PV

Market: Residential

Location: The Keel, Queens Dock, Liverpool

The Challenge

Glenbrook, as Asset Managers of The Keel, were asked by its owner Barings to investigate the use of roof-top solar photovoltaics (PV). The building is a fully-let residential type.

Glenbrook turned to Low Carbon Alliance (LCA) to perform a technical and financial feasibility. This iconic building spans across a wet dock and is adjacent to the Mersey River. Scaffold access was not possible and the prevailing wind and rain presented significant risks to the installer. The project was also to be realised a few months prior to the planned closure of the Feed-in-Tariff.

The Solution

LCA identified a significant amount of energy savings due to the consistent consumption of electricity across two landlord supplies. Two 50kW systems were proposed and these were to be installed above the roof sections spanning the dock. Other roof sections were avoided to allow for future development.

The combined savings and FiT provided a return of 13.6%. Owing to time constraints and risk management, LCA recommended a contractor with known safety and delivery reliability. NWT Solar were selected and they successfully delivered the systems without any disruption to the tenants. The FiT was successfully achieved, and the two systems have contributed in reducing The Keels carbon emissions by 25,000kg each year.