Harman House EV Charging Solution Completed

30th September, 2022

Low Carbon Alliance were initially asked to undertake a review of Electric Vehicle (EV) Chargers at Harman House to assist our Client, Harman House Limited*, meet their sustainability goals and make the property more appealing to tenants. The property, Harman House, is located in the centre of Uxbridge, and while close to the London Underground station, continues to be accessed by car by many of its tenants.

Our objective was to upgrade the property’s infrastructure and future-proof the property, allowing tenants to access electric chargers as required.

After reviewing the property, it was determined that the best way forward was to upgrade the existing infrastructure and LV Switch room, connected to the distribution board, making it compatible with EV Charger installations. Low Carbon Alliance were then able to oversee the installation of the chargers and connect them to the board.

Overall, 10 parking bays were provided with 11kV supply for charging vehicles during the building’s operating hours. The 5 dual charging points have been energised in the common parking area of this multi-tenanted building so can be accessed by all users of the space as required. This is one of 12 properties that we are assisting CLS Holdings in looking toward the Electric Vehicle future for their building’s users.

*Harman House Limited is a subsidiary company of CLS Holdings plc

 Suzanne Young – CLS:

“We are excited to be rolling out electric vehicle charging stations across our portfolio of office buildings.  We have seen demand for electric vehicle charging from our tenants and CLS want to be ahead of the curve on this initiative.  We have enjoyed working with Low Carbon Alliance on this project”.

Basil Paulose – Assistant Project Manager, Low Carbon Alliance:

“This was the first of many charging point installations planned across the CLS portfolio, paving the way for simplifying future solutions”.