Energy Procurement

Buy better, cheaper, greener

The first step to energy procurement is to “buy best” and monitor what you use.

From our experience any business can achieve significant savings from consolidating energy supplies to a single provider and utilise their intelligent reporting systems.

This includes electricity, gas and water supplies. Low Carbon Alliance provides advice in how to do this as well as:

  • Monitoring/reporting systems include tenant sub-meter re-charging capabilities
  • Invoice validation
  • Contract renewals
  • Carbon counting
  • Energy generation subsidy payments

We bring additional benefit by:

  • Identifying risks from supply charges that can otherwise be avoided
  • Providing updates on regulation changes that affect consumer energy prices and charges as well as industry updates relevant to your business activities.
  • Energy reporting which can be used for the ESOS auditing requirements of ISO 50001.

As well as managing your energy consumption you can procure 100% renewable energy. In the second quarter of 2018 the percentage of the UK’s energy generated by renewable energy sources, reached 28.1%.

We offer a client-focused approach to managing the energy consumed within a building. As each business has bespoke needs, we have built a service that is flexible to your specific requirements.

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