ESOS Phase II: 2015-2019

Project: ESOS Phase II

Market: Compliance

Location: National

The Challenge

Every four years all UK based non SME’s are required to perform an ‘Energy Saving Opportunity Scheme’ review on their energy consumption.

The review examines in-use energy from buildings, processes, and transportation. The resultant ESOS report will contain energy consumption and carbon emissions for a 12-month period and a study on what measures can be taken to reduce these.

Non-SME’s are identified as entities with either 250 employees or more and/or a turnover of €50m.

The Solution

Low Carbon Alliances Lead assessors have ESOS building services engineering experience. This skill set is key to unlocking the greatest potential for energy savings for our clients.

We performed ESOS audits on a variety of portfolios across the office, leisure, industrial, health, charity, faith, and retail sectors. Our reporting included all information and data required by the Environmental Agency within their deadline, as well as offering practical and phased strategies to encourage clients to avail of the opportunities presented.