Thermodynamic Heat Pump Installation

Project: Thermodynamic Heat Pump

Market:  Commercial Office Solar

Location: Wallington, Croydon

The Challenge

Our client CLS Holdings wanted to explore renewable energy technologies for generating hot water at their property Crosspoint House. This is a 21,000 sq ft four-storey office accommodation building which uses hot water for kitchens and toilets.

LCA performed a feasibility study on the use of solar assisted heat pumps which utilise a thermodynamic panel to exchange energy with ambient air.

The Storage

The feasibility concluded that a single thermodynamic panel with a 300-litre storage tank would off-set all gas used for the generation of domestic hot water. MagicBox International were selected to supply the equipment and the installation occurred over a single weekend without disruption to services/occupants.

This is one of the first commercial applications of a solar assisted heat pump and the success has led to the client instructing this technology across a further 23 properties in and around London.