Air-Conditioning and Air Quality Improvements

Project: Air-Conditioning Controls

Market:  Commercial Office Solar

Location: Hygeia, Harrow

The Challenge

CLS Holdings approached LCA to help resolve long standing complaints from tenants of discomfort and poor air quality.

The FM company had performed various remedial works however, the complaints remained. Fresh air systems had very low humidity readings and carbon dioxide readings on occupied floors were above acceptable limits.

The Solution

LCA discovered that the floor plates were over-populated with fan coil units with individual control. The resultant control conflicts led to units frequently switching between heating and cooling over small areas. In addition, the return air grilles had mostly been removed during tenet fit-out works resulting in poor air-flow and false temperature readings. A group control strategy was adopted along with new circulation grilles.

The removal of non-ducted air grilles had effectively removed the ability for fresh air to be delivered and extracted from the offices. These have now been replaced and faulty RH sensors removed