Taiyo Power & Storage Website goes Live

1st March, 2022

Taiyo Power & Storage is a new, renewable energy joint venture between Low Carbon Alliance and Kajima Europe. Taiyo will utilise the strengths of its partners to deliver quality-driven renewable energy projects that have a positive impact for both people and planet.

Today we launch the Taiyo brand, including a new website where you can find out about Taiyo’s projects which are now underway in the UK – www.taiyo2050.co.uk

Taiyo Director, Chris Gill said:

“Taiyo exists not only to advance UK renewable energy sources but to do so in a way that positively impacts the environment and the people within our communities. It is estimated that by 2050, renewable sources such as solar, will contribute towards 50% of the UKs power – this joint venture is a massive step towards our move to net zero, utilising the most abundant energy source on earth to deliver more clean energy to the UK grid.”

Taiyo Director and Low Carbon Alliance MD, Simon Crowe said:

“Given recent events there has never been more urgency to stop our dependence on imported fossil-fuels, and in our joint venture with Kajima, Taiyo will be delivering lower cost, clean electricity for UK families and businesses.”


The website serves as an information hub on all Taiyo’s projects: www.taiyo2050.co.uk