177kW Solar PV Appraisal for Pension Fund

Project:  Investment & Technical Appraisal

Market: Commercial Office Solar

Location: Voyager Park, Portsmouth

The Challenge

Barings Real Estate Advisers required an independent assessment on the use of rooftop solar PV on a new commercial development they were funding; Voyager Park. Whilst PV was integral to the design and ambitions of the development, the added investment offered revenue streams to the landlord.

These required careful review to understand how revenues would be successfully secured, managed and protected within the commercial letting’s agreements. In addition, the investment required technical review to establish viability, value and automation of revenue streams.

The Solution

LCA re-modelled the individual building systems to optimise revenues from subsidies, exported energy and re-sale energy to tenants. LCA produced a performance specification to include equipment specifications, installation methodologies to protect roof material warranties, telemetry, established software platform support and ensure competitiveness.

LCA reviewed and advised on the tenancy agreements and Power Purchase Agreement to ensure the incorporation of PV was harmonious to the buildings on-going management.

LCA also established a single Feed-in-Tariff and export energy provider to provide the landlord the ideal platform to manage and administer the revenue streams.